Review of UPSC Pathshala Foundation Course

I was very skeptical about attending such an early UPSC preparation course, but my uncle explained to me that starting a “soft” preparation with my diploma would improve my chances of taking the UPSC test. He said it was important to introduce the basic discipline, skills and habits needed to take the UPSC exam from the day you graduate. That’s when we started looking for UPSC Preparatory Courses and enrolled in the UPSC Pathshala Foundation Course.

Most shockingly, each student was assigned a mentor. This mentor assists the student in speeding up their preparation, knowledge of their background, availability on time, etc. They help you create a step-by-step, step-by-step, and customized calendar for each student. Mentors also help answer questions and organize additional classes. Regular clarification meetings are also held.

The videos are part of the course I really enjoyed. These are professionally made videos that need to be watched online, unlike other courses where they upload video clips of classroom lectures. So, these videos don’t waste our time repeating information or explaining topics over and over again. Students or others in non-stop sessions will see the speakers facing the camera.

What really convinced me and my uncle was the fact that the UPSC Pathshala people were so open to sharing free and demo videos, even when we were asking for videos on specific topics. I made another free presentation before I decided and now, as I continue with the course with them, I am very pleased with my choice. My uncle is also pleased with my advancements, habits and skills.

However, this preparatory course is not for those who are preparing for full preparation, but for those who will eventually begin the appropriate lecture. This is more about laying the groundwork than about rigorous preparation. They develop the skills of reading ability, writing quality, analytical skills, mental inclusion, effective recall and effective communication. The assignments are extremely attractive and the course is interesting with the addition of daily elements.

This course targets both the prelims and mains preparation and has over 400 hours of video content covering the topics of General Studies Paper 1, General Studies Paper 2, General Studies Paper 3 and General Studies Paper 4. And 700 hours of video content when considering the General Studies papers, current affairs and CSAT.

Every week tests and evaluations are conducted and the questions are objective and subjective, ie the questions asked are similar to the UPSC format. These tests are conducted weekly and the evaluations are discussed to write the response sample and the results.

Two weekly sessions are held each week to discuss test progress and results. It helps keep you on track and motivated.

The entire course is available through the mobile app and I do not need to log in to the site. But they also gave me the contents of a flash drive so I could access the files without the Internet.

I would say that if you are planning a buy a UPSC Preparation Course, join a free UPSC Pathshala Tutorial and make your own decision. For me, analytical and logical teaching style led the business. I just don’t get the sense that no one in this age is giving information. In addition, you keep current issues up to date so you can continue to associate current issues with relevant parts of the curriculum.

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